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  • Looking for a CCTV Camera for Home with Mobile Connectivity- Click Here
    We all know that CCTV cameras are essential and that is why you are searching “CCTV camera for home with mobile connectivity” on google. So let’s just not waste your time all our recommended CCTV cameras for homes with mobile connectivity are listed below.  Note: We are including product details and purchasing links as they may help our readers. … Read more
  • What’s the difference between cryptocurrency and stocks
    When you are searching for the differences between stock and crypto I am guessing you are willing to know which one is more profitable. So let me give you a brief explanation on what’s the difference between cryptocurrency and stocks. To know and understand the difference between the stock market and the cryptocurrency market I would like to bring … Read more
  • What is Cryptocurrency and How does Cryptocurrency work
    Topics Covered in this article- What is Cryptocurrency How does cryptocurrency work Advantages of cryptocurrencies Disadvantages of cryptocurrencies How does crypto mining work What is Blockchain How does blockchain work What is Staking Crypto Advantages of staking crypto Disadvantages of staking crypto. How does staking crypto work What is crypto wallet How does Crypto Wallet work What is a … Read more
  • What is an IP Address in Networking – All You Need to Know
    In this article we will learn What is an IP Address in Networking, the types of Ip addresses, Classes of IP addresses, what is subnet mask in networking, what is default gateway in networking, what is the public IP address and private IP address, Private IP address ranges, etc. So let’s start with “What is an IP Address in … Read more
  • 7 Layers of OSI Model, Functions & Protocols
    What is the OSI Model in Networking? OSI stands for Open System Interconnection. OSI is a conceptual model of telecommunication networking where the whole process is divided into seven different layers of network. What are the 7 Layers of OSI Model? There are 7 logical layers of OSI model in Networking–  Physical Layer Data-link Layer Network Layer Transport Layer … Read more
  • MacBook mail keeps crashing- How to 100% Fix it Permanently
    Are you having Mail issues on your Mac or MacBook? Or then again is your apple mail keeps crashing surprisingly? Are you seeing that mac mail keeps crashing on opening? So why is my mail app crashing on mac? Why does Mac mail keep crashing on MAC? How to fix if MacBook mail keeps crashing? Read the full article to get all of these answers.
  • The New e-filing Website of Income Tax is to launch on 7th June 2021
    The new e-filing website of income tax is more easy and secure. The e-filing website of income tax depends on the HTTPS convention and not HTTP. The new income tax e filing website India is booked to go live on June 7, 2021. What is an e-filing portal? The e-filing website of income tax is utilized by the citizens … Read more
  • Azure Monitor can Trigger Alerts Based on Data in an Azure Log Analytics Workspace- How?
    Hello everyone, welcome to our new article. In this article, we will discuss a question- “azure monitor can trigger alerts based on data in an azure log analytics workspace” . Introduction:- The applications conveyed on Azure are based on top of an engineering that is siloed and incredibly unique. It is inescapable to screen the applications and administrations to … Read more
  • Types of Cryptography | Definition of ALL Types of Cryptography, Cryptology & Cryptanalysis
    In this article, we are going to discuss all the types of cryptography and their definitions.Cryptography is basically significant in light of the fact that it permits you to safely ensure the information that you don’t need any other person to approach. It is utilized to ensure corporate insider facts, secure characterized data, and secure individual data to make … Read more
  • Security Vulnerabilities through Wi-fi Since the Very First Day
    The security scientist who found the Krack Wi-Fi Security Vulnerabilities has found a large number of different imperfections with the remote convention the vast majority of us use to control our online lives (by means of Gizmodo). The Security Vulnerabilities identifies with how Wi-Fi handles huge lumps of information, with some being identified with the Wi-Fi standard itself, and … Read more
  • Tech Talk- Top Current Technology News: 12th May 2021
    Hello everyone. Welcome to Tech talk from Today we have found a new way to provide the latest technology updates to you. We are gathering all technology news from the best tech news sites for the day and will write a whole article consisting of trending tech news, science and technology news, latest technology updates, information technology news, … Read more
  • Tuned: Facebook App for Couples Launched for Android
    Facebook’s New Product Experimentation group has allegedly delivered its Tuned application for Android. Tuned is an application from the web-based media goliath that is pointed principally at couples. It was first presented in April 2020 as an iOS-elite application in Canada and the US. Facebook’s new couple-accommodating application permits accomplices to talk, set schedules, share photographs and music, and … Read more
  • Clubhouse Social Media Platform Finally on Android But Beta Only
    Sound-based long-range informal communication stage Clubhouse Social Media Platform is at last on Android, in the wake of being an iOS restrictive application for longer than a year. The Android application for Clubhouse Social Media Platform will be accessible in beta on the Google working framework in the US, permitting clients to join and partake in its sound just … Read more
  • OnePlus Launches Clipt to Make Sharing Files, Images, Text Between Two Devices Easier
    Chinese cell phone creator OnePlus has reported another application for Android called Clipt. Clipt plans to make moving documents, pictures, and even content between gadgets a lot simpler. The application has been created by OnePlus’ OneLab group, which was made with an end goal to explore more inside the organization. “If you’ve ever emailed yourself an image, messaged yourself … Read more
  • Sony PlayStation 5 Supply Constraints May Spill Into 2022, Company’s CFO Hints
    Sony PlayStation 5 is as yet one of the hardest things to get your hands on in the tech world. Presently, it is being accounted for that it will not get any simpler in the coming occasions, as per the organization’s CFO Hiroki Totoki. The Sony CFO, following the organization’s new profit report, told experts that Sony doesn’t anticipate … Read more
  • How to Create new UAN Number Online in 9 Steps
    What is a UAN number? Create new UAn number in 9 easy steps online. The full form of the UAN (Universal Account Number) number is Universal Account Number which is allotted by the Employees’ Fund Organization or EPFO. The UAN is like a shelter for multiple user IDs that are allotted to users. Creating new UAN number is now … Read more
  • Among Us Will Arrive on PlayStation Consoles in 2021- Sony Announces
    “Among us on Console”- So how long did you wait for this? The popular multiplayer game of 2020 and a social deduction also is not only for smartphones anymore. Yes, you heard right!  “Among us” is going to be launched for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 this year later. As declared, Sony is officially developing the “among us”. According … Read more
  • WhatsApp Disappearing Messages for 24 Hours on Android, iOS, and Web
    Whatsapp disappearing messages are now being tested for a 24 hours option on Android, iOS, and Web/ desktop. Users are already allowed to set a week’s time for disappearing messages on the Whatsapp instant messaging app.
  • Microsoft Edge Browser Available for Apple M1 Mac Models
    Microsoft Edge browser is now available for Apple with native support. Microsoft edge developers have announced this news via twitter. Microsoft edge team said that this native support for Mac ARM64 is available in the Canary channel. The Canary channel gets all the newest releases, including the stable ones. This update shall bring an optimised performance. Recently, Microsoft Office … Read more
  • Microsoft Windows 10 Taskbar Gets New Widget With News, Weather Updates
    Microsoft Windows has revamped the Microsoft windows 10 taskbar including a new widget. Users can now view weather updates and news feed right from the taskbar. Users can also customize the topics of interest on which they want to get news feed.  This Microsoft windows 10 new update was first tested with windows Inside users and now It got … Read more
  • Microsoft Teams Update Will Now Allow Merge Two Active Conference Calls
    Microsoft Teams update has been released and brings some new features that allow users to merge two active conference calls. Microsoft Teams update is on its way and the call merging feature has been in the making. This feature is not like a regular thing that you use daily. It is very useful for those who spend a lot … Read more
  • New Chrome Update for Windows, Mac, Linux Devices
    Google has released a new chrome update. This new chrome update is available on windows, linux and Mac. Google new chrome update has released 7 security fixes in total. Among these 7 fixes, the Zero-day vulnerability is most important and was needed also. According to google, the new updated chrome browser will be live in the coming days. It … Read more
  • Microsoft Teams Lets You Create Short Auto-Breaks Between Back-to-Back Meetings
    Microsoft teams have brought a new auto break feature that allows you to automate your breaks between back-to-back meetings. You can now find the settings inside the outlook. This particular feature can allow you or your organization to set 5 mins or 10 mins or 15 mins off time for Microsoft teams in between multiple meetings. Due to the … Read more
  • Microsoft Cloud PC Service Launch in June or July 2021
    Microsoft Cloud PC service has launched a report of launching Microsoft cloud pc in June or July 2021. Microsoft has been working on this cloud pc service project which is called “Project Deschutes”.  This Microsoft cloud Pc can offer a virtualized experience of windows at a per-person cost. This Microsoft cloud pc service project is powered by Microsoft’s cloud … Read more
  • Apple iPad Pro 2021 Release Date- Full Specification
    Apple has just revealed the new iPad pro 2021 release date. Apple has just wrapped up the apple event. Let’s talk about the new iPad pro 2021 release date, price, specification and all the new features. It starts at $799 for the 11-inch version and $1,099 for the 12.9-inch version. It’s available to order in 9 days, April 30. … Read more
  • Microsoft xCloud is on iOS and PC as Invite-Only Beta
    Microsoft xcloud is now live on iOS and PC. More than 100 xcloud games are now available on Apple’s Safari browser, Microsoft Edge browser, and Google chrome. Microsoft’s gaming division Xbox is rolling out a beta version of its cloud gaming service on Windows 10 PCs Web browsers and Apple’s iPhone models and iPad devices from today. This feature … Read more
  • Google Chrome Latest Version 90- 5 latest Features
    google chrome’s latest version is now released just after the 89 updates. It is a major update and has come with some latest features and more secure now. Recently, we got the latest new version update for Google Chrome which is google chrome latest version. They release a new major update every six weeks or so. So how to … Read more
  • Cyberpunk 2077 Hotfix 1.21| List of Fixes
      Cyberpunk 2077 hotfix 1.21 is now done and it is the first major hotfix. Patch 1.2 had some various issues and now got the hotfix. It is said that after this hotfix Cyberpunk 2077 is now more stable and further improvements are coming soon. The 1.21 patch fixed version is already live on Consoles, PC, and Stadia. There … Read more
  • Domino’s India Data Breached and Sold on the Dark Web
    Domino’s India data breached. Our most valuable data such as our name, address, contact number, debit card or credit card details are now listed for sale on the dark web. According to the seller or the hacker, These data are collected from the 18 crore orders received from Dominos online services. Earlier, Domino’s India data was stolen in April … Read more
  • Google Maps| COVID-19 Test and Vaccine Centre Info
      Google maps are now showing Covid 19 test and vaccine Centre Info with all the details. COVID-19 cases in India are rising daily, and many citizens are still unable to book basic facilities because of the extraordinary pressure on healthcare services. Latest government figures say, the country witnessed 2,73,810 new coronavirus cases and 1,619 deaths in the last … Read more
  • World Book Day | Amazon Kindle offers 10 free e-books to celebrate
    Are you a book worm?  If you’re then you reading the proper article. 10 e-books to Kindle users. Yes, round the world at no cost on the occasion of World Book Day that falls on April 23, Amazon offers.   You must grasp the ending date initial. Amazon is providing this fabulous chance until April 24. Kindle, Amazon tables or Kindle app users will get pleasure from the promotion. Users ought to sign up to their Amazon account to induce 10  free e-books. Most significantly, users … Read more
  • Enable Authentication with Windows 10 Bitlocker at Startup
    Today we will learn a short topic about windows 10 Bitlocker. We generally use 2 processes to enable the authentication at startup by using Windows 10 bitlocker. So without wasting time, let’s start the process.  In the first process of windows 10 bitlocker authentication we will not use any command to set the password. I will show you both … Read more
  • 9 Amazing Chrome Extensions You Should Use in 2021
    With the new chrome 89 update, it seems like this is the best time we use Chrome extension. We never wrote an article on Chrome extension. So on that note, here are some fresh new Chrome extensions.  No, we will not be covering popular chrome extensions like Grammarly, ublock, origin doc read, etc. Lets talk about the low popular … Read more
  • 13 Brand New Features of Android 12
    After a long wait, we can now talk about Android 12 and its brand new features. Today let’s take a peek on the list of brand new features of Android 12. Before we really kick things off, there are some Android 12 features that you can access easily. We will show you completely user facing features, meaning that if … Read more
  • 5 Latest Battery Technologies that will Change the Future
    Today we will discuss the top 5 latest battery technologies that will change the future. In today’s world, we are surrounded by technical gadgets and batteries and these are constantly evolving. Scientists are always searching for new battery technologies to reduce the use of coal mining and cost also. The average person comes into contact with hundreds, if not … Read more
  • Reduce Screen Time for Kids- 4 Best Parental Control Tips
    So we’re talking about screen time for kids and our idea is to empower you such that no matter what comes from the environment, you can handle it and you can make your child, or you can reduce the screen time for kids. What could you as a parent do with children such that you could take them off … Read more
  • First Normal Form of Normalization in DBMS
    Hello, everyone. Today we will know about the First Normal Form of normalization in DBMS. Previously we discussed the basic concept of normalization, we saw and understood how data redundancy can lead to several issues and how normalization can minimize data redundancy. We will learn about the first normal form, which is like the step one process of the … Read more
  • Normalization in DBMS with Easy Tables
    Hello friends, In this article we will try to understand the concept of normalization in DBMS or Database Normalization. We will start with understanding what all problems arise if a table or a database is not normalized, and how normalization in DBMS solves these problems. What is normalization in DBMS? Normalization in DBMS is a technique of organizing the … Read more
  • Difference Between SQL and MySQL : 6 Easy Points
    Hello everyone, our today’s topic is “Difference between SQL and MySQL”. I will also provide a quick explanations of SQL and MySQL. In today’s world where we are surrounded by data handling and maintaining this amount of data is a task. In this article we’re gonna have a quick discussion on difference between SQL and MySQL and see what … Read more
  • Create Gmail Alias with 7 Easy Steps
    An alias is a kind of multiple nicknames, you can use for a single user (here account). Suppose, your name is and your nicknames are for your home, for your school, for your locality.
  • What is MySQL-MySQL Workbench-types of Database Management System?
    Hello everyone, today we will discuss what is MySQL, data and databases, Database Management System and types of Database Management System and MySQL Workbench.
  • Top 5 Best Free VPN for PC You Must Try in 2021
    In this article we are suggesting the top 5 best free VPN for PC. I know we all prefer using a VPN to hide our internet activity from our ISP, sometimes to access that blocked website, or just to ensure that we are protecting our privacy online. Now as a token rule, I never generally recommend free VPNs out … Read more
  • Learn DHCP & DHCP DORA Process- Best Explanation
    Today we are going to learn what DHCP is and how DHCP DORA process works in a computer network. DHCP full form Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol and it is used to assign TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) settings to systems like computers dynamically if the automatic IP settings are enabled for them. Suppose you boot up your laptop and … Read more
  • Disable or Enable Active Directory Users and Computers with easy steps
    Disable/Enable active directory users and computers account is very easy to learn. Only few steps and you are done. If you do not know how to create active directory user account, Click here Let’s get back to our today’s topic, How to Disable Active Directory User Account: Steps: Open Server Manager >> Tools >> Open Active Directory Users and … Read more
  • How to Create Active Directory User Account in Server 2016
    To create Active Directory user account first you need to configure Active Directory Domain Service (ADDS) in your server. To learn how to install Active Directory in server, please read my previous article- Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS): Full Installation Guide How to create Active Directory User account? Step1:- Open server manager dashboard >> Click on tools >>Select … Read more
  • Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS): Full Installation Guide
    Active Directory Domain Services: Full Installation Guide
  • AD DS-Active Directory Domain Services : Easy & Brief Explanation
    ADDS stands for Active Directory Domain Services. It is a server role in an active directory that allows administrators to store information and manage data about resources in a distributed database within a network. A secure and manageable infrastructure for user and administrator can be created in Active Directory Domain services.
  • Windows Server 2012 R2: Editions, Roles & Features, Hardware Requirements
    Windows server 2012 and Windows server 2012 R2 are one of the popular OS of Microsoft. This version of windows server is still used in many small companies. Server 2012 R2 is well known for its less resource consumption and smoothness. So, without wasting time, let’s start with the overview of windows server 2012 R2. Windows Server 2012 R2 … Read more
  • How to shutdown Lenovo Laptop Easily in 2021
    “How to shutdown Lenovo laptop” is a very common question in the beginning session of a learning computer. It is not mandatory to be tech savvy  for all. Many of us didn’t know how to walk but see, we can run now.  When I was a kid even in my teenage, I did not know many things about computers … Read more
  • Top 10 New Technologies 2021 to Easily Get A Job
    In this article we will know about top 10 emerging technologies which are becoming the best career option in 2021. A lot has changed this year, we’ve got a worldwide pandemic. We’re all stuck working from home. So why not make the most out of your time at home? That’s why today we’re talking about the top 10 New … Read more
  • How to Install Windows 10 on Virtual Box Step by Step Full Guide
    In this article you will learn to install windows 10 on virtual box with easy steps. Virtual Box is a tool which allows you to create multiple virtual machines on virtual box. How to download and install virtual box : Go to Click on downloads Choose your Host OS where you want to install virtual box >> the … Read more
  • How to Create Windows 10 Virtual Machine Using VMware Workstation Pro
    Download VMware workstation Pro, Click here To Create Windows 10 Virtual Machine, Install VMware workstation Pro in Windows 10? Double click on the .exe file of VMware workstation Pro Click on Next Check “I accept the terms & condition” >> Next Click on next Select the location for installation >> Next Again Next Check the boxes according to your … Read more
  • How to Install Windows 10 in Hyper V Step by Step
    What is Virtualization in Computing? To Install Windows 10 in Hyper V, you need to know what virtualization or Hyper V is. Hyper V Windows 10 is the best example of Virtualization in computing . In computing, virtualization refers to the act of creating a virtual version of something, including virtual computer hardware platforms, storage devices and computer network … Read more
  • 7 Layers of OSI Model and Their PDUs
     What is OSI Model:- Open System Interconnection or OSI Model layers were first proposed by International Standard Organizations (ISO) to solve the multiple problems faced in telecommunication.It is a conceptual model of telecommunication networking where the whole process is divided into seven effective layers. It synchronizes the whole process and helps one understand the interoperation of the diverse communications … Read more
  • Coaxial Cable Types Advantages & Disadvantages
    What is Coax or Coaxial cable ? A Coaxial cable is a cable, is used in the transmission of audios, videos and communications. Coaxial cables are also called COAX in networking language. Mainly coaxial cables are used as network and broadband cable. These cables have high bandwidth and greater transmission capacity. The adjacent figure is of a commonly used … Read more
  • Twisted Pair Cable Types and their Advantages and Disadvantages
    What is Twisted Pair Cable ? Twisted pair cable is a very important network media. It can be used for phones communication and cable Ethernet networks. Twisted pair cabling is a type of wiring in which two conductors of a single circuit are twisted together for the purpose of cancelling out electromagnetic interference (EMI) from external sources. There are … Read more
  • Optical Fiber Advantages and Disadvantages
    What is Optical Fiber? Optical Fiber, also known as Fiber Optic cable, is a fast information transmission medium. It carries communication signals using pulses of light generated by small lasers or light-emitting diodes (LEDs). It contains minor glass or plastic fibers, which carry light beams and the coating helps preserve the fibers from heat, cold, electromagnetic delay from distinct … Read more
  • HYBRID Topology | Advantages & Disadvantages
    What is Hybrid Topology? Hybrid topology is the combination of two or more different network topologies. This network is a mixture of both peer-to-peer & client-server network. It can be either wired or wireless network. As it is a combination of different topologies, it has the characteristics pf those too. Advantages : Here in this network the troubleshooting is … Read more
  • TREE Topology | Advantages and Disadvantages
    What is Tree Topology? Tree topology is a unique network topology where nodes are connected to its parental nodes. The structure looks like branches of a tree. Like a normal tree structure it also has parental and child node. This topology is preferably used to create a network in a corporate environment. Advantages : Here finding out any fault … Read more
  • MESH Topology | Advantages & Disadvantages
    What is Mesh Topology? Mesh Topology is network topology where all nodes are inter connected with each other. In this topology, if any connection goes down transmission of data will not be stopped. This topology is mostly used in wireless network. Mesh topology are two types- Full Mesh Topology : Each and every nodes/devices in the network is connected … Read more
  • STAR Topology | Advantages and Disadvantages
    What is Star Topology? In STAR Topology configuration all nodes are connected to a central Hub with a separated cables. Here the central note or hub acts like the main server & the other nodes which are connected to the central node, act like client devices. Advantages : In this type of network it is very easy to add … Read more
  • RING Topology | 4 Advantages & 3 Disadvantages
    What is RING Topology ? When each device is serially connected in a closed ring pattern with a single cable then the network system is called ring topology. As a train crosses all the platforms to reach its destination, this topology does the same to pass a message from one node to another node. This topology creates Half & … Read more
  • Bus Topology | 4 Advantages and 3 Disadvantages
    What is Bus Topology? Bus topology is a network where all the nodes are connected with each other with a single common cable. When one node wants to access another node on the network then it puts a message addressed to that device on the bus network. Advantages : It is very easy to connect a node or peripheral … Read more
  • Types of Transmission Media and Their Brief Description
    Transmission Media : Objective- Explain types of Transmission media Understand and explain Coaxial cables, twisted pair Cables, Fiber optic cables. Networking Transmission Media : Network transmission media is the actual path over with an electrical signal goes as it moves starting with one part then onto the next. There are two types of transmission media used in networking- Wired … Read more
  • Beep Sound from Computer? Troubleshoot Now !
    What to do if you hear beep sounds coming from your computer…..!! There are multiple reasons for this kind of issue. So in this post, we will learn the causes of a beeping PC and what are the solutions for each kind beep !
  • Network Topology: Types of Network Topology and Their Advantages and Disadvantages
    Introduction Network topology is the arrangement of the various elements(links,nodes,etc.) of a computer network. Essentially, it is the topological structure of a network and may be depicted physically or logically. Topologies are divided into two types. One is called physical topology and another one is logical topology. Physical topology is the placement of the various components of a network, … Read more
  • (rhel 7) | Best way to Install Redhat Enterprise Linux 7
    Introduction of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.0 (rhel 7) Red Hat Enterprise Linux (rhel 7) is a Linux distribution developed by Red Hat. Red Hat Enterprise Linux is released in server versions for X86, X86-64, Itanium (a family of 64-bit Intel microprocessors) and desktop versions for X86 and X86-64. Red Hat Enterprise Linux is based completely on free and … Read more
  • Computer Hang | Best Troubleshooting Tips in 5 Steps Only!
    Facing issues with Computer Hang? Do not worry. Learn with us the steps to Fix a hanged computer. Computer hang is the worst thing we face in our daily life. Working on a last minute project and the pc got hanged! Yes! It is annoying but don’t worry, you can get rid of it in only 6 steps. So … Read more
  • Computer Hardware | Basic Troubleshooting Tips !
    How to troubleshoot basic Computer hardware issues? This 2020 is full of surprises and work from home is one of those. Most of the employees are working from home with their own PC setup or Laptop and so when they are facing any computer hardware issue no official IT support is given to them. This is very tough for … Read more
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