Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS): Full Installation Guide

Active Directory Domain Services

Active Directory Domain Services: Full Installation Guide

AD DS-Active Directory Domain Services : Easy & Brief Explanation

Active Directory Domain Services

ADDS stands for Active Directory Domain Services. It is a server role in an active directory that allows administrators to store information and manage data about resources in a distributed database within a network. A secure and manageable infrastructure for user and administrator can be created in Active Directory Domain services.

Windows Server 2012 R2: Editions, Roles & Features, Hardware Requirements

Windows server 2012 R2

Windows server 2012 and Windows server 2012 R2 are one of the popular OS of Microsoft. This version of windows server is still used in many small companies. Server 2012 R2 is well known for its less resource consumption and smoothness. So, without wasting time, let’s start with the overview of windows server 2012 R2. … Read more

How to shutdown Lenovo Laptop Easily in 2021

how to shutdown lenovo laptop

“How to shutdown Lenovo laptop” is a very common question in the beginning session of a learning computer. It is not mandatory to be tech savvy  for all. Many of us didn’t know how to walk but see, we can run now.  When I was a kid even in my teenage, I did not know … Read more

Top 10 New Technologies 2021 to Easily Get A Job

new technologies 2021

In this article we will know about top 10 emerging technologies which are becoming the best career option in 2021. A lot has changed this year, we’ve got a worldwide pandemic. We’re all stuck working from home. So why not make the most out of your time at home? That’s why today we’re talking about … Read more


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