9 Amazing Chrome Extensions You Should Use in 2021

With the new chrome 89 update, it seems like this is the best time we use Chrome extension. We never wrote an article on Chrome extension. So on that note, here are some fresh new Chrome extensions. 

No, we will not be covering popular chrome extensions like Grammarly, ublock, origin doc read, etc. Lets talk about the low popular chrome extensions.

Link to Text Fragment:

We have Google’s own, Link to Text Fragment. Now, you might have seen a few changes with Google Search nowadays, like pure if I head over to Google and type iPhone 12, the search result shows 20 words the showed right sold separately though. If I click on any article link, the information on the website will be highlighted. Google is now making it easier for you to read the information within the article. So back to the chrome extension. It lets you share articles in the same way.

Suppose I want someone to read only this paragraph instead of the entire article. I can just select it, right click and select Link to Text Fragment and it will create a unique link. Just share this link to the people and when they click on the link. It will open the article with a particular paragraph highlighted.

Download Link to Text Fragment chrome extension, Click here


Next chrome extension is Inssist. We all know that Instagram doesn’t let you upload photos or stories from the Instagram web app, you can somehow manage to upload photos, but videos are still painful. A good way to get past that is the INSSIST Instagram client chrome extension.

It’s a Chrome app rather than a chrome extension. But it lets you upload multiple photos and most importantly, videos from PC to Instagram. You can even upload stories from PC using the INSSIST Chrome extension. It comes super handy and it just requires you to log into the Instagram web app. So it’s even secure.

Download Inssist , Click here


It is another handy extension that I use. I use WhatsApp on my laptop and there are important messages or documents at times which you need on the PC. So instead of opening the WhatsApp Web tab, you can just log into WhatsApp and close the tab entirely and pin the WATOOLKIT chrome extension. So whenever you receive a message, it shows an unread message counter over pined WATOOLKIT. You just have to hover over the WATOOLKIT icon and it shows you the text message quickly. So if it’s urgent, you can open WhatsApp Web app and reply or else ignore the family group messages. 

Download WA-Toolkit , Click here


You might have already known reading chrome extensions, like mercury reader or clean reader. But here’s one that I recommend FREADY. Now similar to other readers, FREADY cleans up the entire web page with no ads so that you can easily read the entire article. Plus, It shows a highlighter over the text which you have to follow to read the article. It makes a huge difference in concentration. If you want to read a book or article faster, just install FREADY and let him do the job. It will seriously double your reading speed.

Download Fready , Click here


Yes, that’s the name of this chrome extension. Have you visited web pages that constantly ask for cookie permission. It’s annoying. It’s all because GDPR websites have to inform you that they are storing cookies and collecting your personal information. But because of that you open any site and boom, cookie, cookie, cookie cookie. So this extension removes all those cookie notifications so you can read or browse peacefully.

Download I DON’T CARE ABOUT COOKIES chrome extension, Click here


The next chrome extension is called Buster. When you open webpages in incognito or just simply use a VPN, Google will throw a CAPTCHA challenge which you can sit and solve or use BUSTER. Buster is the best chrome extension to do this job for you. It will just solve it for you. It uses Google’s own API and uses the voice accessibility option to quickly solve the capture for you in just seconds.

Download BUSTER chrome extension, Click here


So this one will be useful to everyone who is studying or working from home. You can have your webcam footage overlay over the video footage. Most importantly, you can do cursor highlighter, and hang on. It also lets you do annotations with arrows and all of that in real time while you are recording the video. SCREENITY makes screen recording and illustrations so easy. The app is open source, so no watermark on the videos and free download as well. It will be really useful to everyone who is working from home or even studying.

Download SCREENITY chrome extension, Click here


TABEXTEND is also a useful chrome extension. If you use bookmarks you that you can’t have more than 10 to 20 bookmarks at once. So use this chrome extension. It lets you organize open tabs much better than bookmarks. You can also add your custom node. It helps me when I’m studying or researching a topic. You can have different categories according to the web pages.

Download Tabextend chrome extension, Click here

So these were some known unknown chrome extensions you should be using in 2021. Do let me know some of your favorite ones in the comment section. So that’s all for this article. 

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