Among Us Will Arrive on PlayStation Consoles in 2021- Sony Announces

“Among us on Console”- So how long did you wait for this? The popular multiplayer game of 2020 and a social deduction also is not only for smartphones anymore. Yes, you heard right! 

“Among us” is going to be launched for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 this year later. As declared, Sony is officially developing the “among us”. According to Sony, lots of updates will be done in the console version of “Among us”.

“Among us” was first launched in the year 2018 on Android and iOS. But the massive popularity was gained last year, maybe after Pubg Ban. After Pubg, the gaming world and online gaming have got a totally new face and position. After Pubg ban and in the pandemic situation, the whole world had seen a wave of online gaming of “Among us”

Among Us Will Arrive on PlayStation Consoles in 2021- Sony Announces

American game studio Innersloth pushed the mobile title on PCs in 2018 and it was rolled out to Nintendo console last year. We can definitely expect that “Among us” will be available on the Xbox console at the end of this year. But we are still waiting for clear details of the availability at this moment.

So what will we get extra on the console version? As per a report, we will get four maps in the game for Sony Playstation4 and PlayStation 5, and more maps will be added later. The member count will be the same as it was, a minimum of four and a maximum of 10. If we talk about other things, the gameplay will be more or less the same as the previous versions. 

Sony says, “There are lots of updates we have planned for Among Us, and we can’t wait to take our PlayStation community along for the ride.”

As we already know that this online game was actually inspired by two games. One is ‘Mafia’ and the other one is the science fiction ‘The thing’. Game rules are the same. There are around three imposters in each round and they have to kill the other crew members on the ship. The other team member’s task is to find the imposter before they got killed. 

Among Us Will Arrive on PlayStation Consoles in 2021- Sony AnnouncesAmong Us Will Arrive on PlayStation Consoles in 2021- Sony Announces

In the last few years, the online gaming market got a boost never before. All of us should also thank those who are working and struggling a lot by streaming the gameplay on online media like youtube and Facebook. The game also went viral and gained this much popularity with the help of these streamers. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), got 435000 views around the time of his first match. His stream was at the peak at that time.

The announcement of launching “Among us” on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 came on the State of play presentation on 29th April. 

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