Beep Sound from Computer? Troubleshoot Now !

What to do if Beep sound is coming from your computer :

Beep sound
Beep sound

There are multiple reasons for this kind of Beep sound issue. So in this post, we will learn the causes of a beeping PC and what are the solutions for each kind beep !

Before starting with the Beep sound error we need to learn a small topic – “POST“.
POST stands for Power-On Self-Test.

Techsikhsha Beep Sound from Computer? Troubleshoot Now !
POST is the diagnostic testing sequence that runs to determine if the computer is working properly.

POST tests the computer parts such as :
– Keyboard
– Disk drives
– Other hardware

Techsikhsha Beep Sound from Computer? Troubleshoot Now !
If the necessary hardware is working fine, the computer begins to boot.

If not, then BIOS issues an error in two ways:

– Error message is displayed.
Series of computer beeping sounds
Depending on the type of error it is divided into two types:

Fatal Error

Techsikhsha Beep Sound from Computer? Troubleshoot Now !

– A fatal error halts the boot process immediately.
* Example: No system memory is found.
– POST tests a vital system component, that’s why most POST boot errors are fatal.

Non-Fatal Error

Techsikhsha Beep Sound from Computer? Troubleshoot Now !

– Booting process doesn’t stop when it encounters non-fatal error.
– It displays an error on the screen.

How to solve Chassis Intruded Fatal Error..!

Solving chassis intruded fatal error system halted:

– Switch off the computer power and open the system case.
– Clear CMOS by removing the CMOS battery.
– Switch on the computer and go to the BIOS setup.
– Re-configure the BIOS settings to default and Save Changes & Exit.
– After the reboot, computer should start normally.

Identifying Beep Codes

Techsikhsha Beep Sound from Computer? Troubleshoot Now !

Computer POST and BEEP Codes

  • When the computer starts it performs a Power-On Self-test (POST).
  • Problems occurred during booting are either displayed on screen or the computer gives beep sounds.
  • Beep sounds may also be due to wrong connection or loose connection.
  • This sound is generated from motherboard internal speaker.
  • Many BIOS will have different BEEP codes even if they are from the same manufacturers.

Beep Codes and their reasons:

1 short beep          DRAM refresh failure
2 short beep         Parity circuit failure
3 short beep         Base 64K RAM failure
4 short beep         System timer failure
5 short beep         Process failure
6 short beep         Keyboard controller Gate A20 error
7 short beep         Virtual mode exception error
8 short beep         Display memory Read/Write test failure
9 short beep         ROM BIOS checksum failure
10 short beep       CMOS shutdown Read/Write error
11 short beep      Cache memory error
1 long
3 short beep        Conventional/Extended memory failure
1 long

8 short beep        Display/Retrace test failure
Two-tone siren
(2 long)                 Low CPU Fan speed, Voltage Level issue
                    ***This beep codes are according to AMI BIOS***

  • If any peripheral is loosely connected then it has a continuous short beeps.
    EX: If a printer/scanner is loosely connected to a parallel or USB port then it will give continuous short beeps.

How to troubleshoot computer beeping with Beep Codes…….!

  1. Turn on or restart the computer.
  2. when the computer begins to boot , listen to the beep codes carefully. Restart the computer to hear the the beeping again.
  3. Note down the pattern of the beeps.
  4. This will help to determine the issues the beep codes are representing.
  5. Depending on the BIOS manufacturer, the solution will differ for the beep code.
  6. Choose the correct beep code troubleshooting guide.

Hope this post help you to answer your queries. Please comment to share your valuable reviews.

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