Computer Hardware | Basic Troubleshooting Tips !

Techsikhsha Computer Hardware | Basic Troubleshooting Tips !

How to troubleshoot basic Computer hardware issues?

This 2020 is full of surprises and work from home is one of those. Most of the employees are working from home with their own PC setup or Laptop and so when they are facing any computer hardware issue no official IT support is given to them. This is very tough for a non-technical employee to solve their own hardware issues. So we jump into this matter.

There are no limits of IT issues and they are always unpredictable. It can be anything and anytime. Some issues can be solved by any person with little bit of push and some of the issues are committed to IT persons.

As an IT person and in a supporting team I have seen lots of cases like this. Even sometimes I had to visit their places for resolving their issues. So I decided to share those knowledge which I learned by investing money with you.

Troubleshoot basic computer hardware issues

How to troubleshoot a power supply issue?

To troubleshoot a power supply issue you need to check few things-

  1. Check the AC line.
    If you are not getting proper power supply you should check the Alternating Current (AC) line whether its providing the correct amount charge.
  2. Check the power cord using a multimeter.
    Techsikhsha Computer Hardware | Basic Troubleshooting Tips !

    To check the power cord you need to touch one of the the multimeter probes to the cord prongs one by one and then touch the other probe to an incoming connection. If the the cord is fine then you should get beep sound from the multimeter for both the cord probes.
  3. Open the Cabinet.
    Its a simple process done with a screw driver.
  4. Remove all power connections from various components.
    Generally all motherboard components gets power supply from the SMPS. The main power supply pin connector is the 20+4 pic connector. Most of the modern motherboards require a secondary 4-pin or 8-pin connector.
  5. Short green and black wire slots of ATX
    Techsikhsha Computer Hardware | Basic Troubleshooting Tips !connector using a wire and check if the SMPS fan is working.
    Use a paper clip or metal wire to short the ATX connector and connect the power cable the SMPS and other end to the power socket on the wall and check if the fan rotates. If the fan doesn’t rotate, return to the power supply for one that works. If you see the fan is rotating, then the SMPS is working fine.
  6. Check the output voltage .
  7. Check whether the SMPS, connected to the motherboard is faulty.

How to troubleshoot motherboard errors?

Motherboard is the most important part of a computer hardware. To troubleshoot motherboard errors you need to follow these steps-

  1. Remove the power connection from the motherboard.
  2. Check all the power connections on the motherboard.
    Basically you need to remove all the wires connected to motherboard and re-install those properly. Try not to connect a wrong wire to a wrong port.
  3. Restore the BIOS settings to default settings.
    Techsikhsha Computer Hardware | Basic Troubleshooting Tips !
  4. Check the CMOS (Complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor) battery.Techsikhsha Computer Hardware | Basic Troubleshooting Tips !
    You can remove the CMOS battery and again set it to its place. If the issue still exist then you can also replace it to another one.

How to troubleshoot RAM?
Techsikhsha Computer Hardware | Basic Troubleshooting Tips !

Many hardware issue belongs to a faulty RAM or RAM slots. This part is very important. In my experience, lots of issue solved by troubleshooting a RAM but its an extraordinary matter. Maybe your one is different. Still you need to learn how to fix a RAM on How to troubleshoot basic hardware issue of a desktop Chapter. Here are the steps-

  1. Remove the RAM modules and insert them into the slots again and start the PC.
    Though in this step your PC shouldn’t be connected to a incoming power supply but still using an ANTI STATIC BAND is safer.
    Techsikhsha Computer Hardware | Basic Troubleshooting Tips !
  2. If there are multiple RAM slots, insert the RAM module into another slot and start the PC.
    Techsikhsha Computer Hardware | Basic Troubleshooting Tips !
  3. If there are multiple RAM modules, remove one RAM module and start the PC. If the PC is still giving problems, remove the RAM modules one-by-one and check.
  4. If none of these steps help, replace the RAM module(s).

How to troubleshoot the HDD/ODD?

Sometimes the HDD is responsible for some Hardware issues. Let’s see how to get rid of it-

  1. Remove the connections to the motherboard and reconnect.
    In simple language, remove the SATA/PATE cable and reconnect.
    Techsikhsha Computer Hardware | Basic Troubleshooting Tips !
  2. Remove the power connection and reconnect.
  3. Check by connecting the drive with another interface and power cable.
  4. Check by connecting to a different SATA port on the motherboard.
    There are two in general.
  5. Remove the HDD/ODD and connect it to a different system. If the HDD/ODD still gives problems, replace it.

How to troubleshoot issues with Monitor?

Monitor issues are very rare if the cables and ports are good enough. But still we need to know this also.

  1. Check the power connection to the monitor.
  2. Remove the monitor connection from the PC and reconnect.
  3. Check the connector if any pin bends.
    Techsikhsha Computer Hardware | Basic Troubleshooting Tips !
  4. Replace the interface cable.

How to troubleshoot issues with graphics card?

Graphics card issues are for them who use it. If you don’t have it then you can skip this step.

  1. Remove the graphics card from the slot on the motherboard, clean the slot and reinsert it into the slot.
    Techsikhsha Computer Hardware | Basic Troubleshooting Tips !Techsikhsha Computer Hardware | Basic Troubleshooting Tips !
  2. If there are multiple expansions slots, insert the graphics card into another slot. Clean the slot before inserting the card.

These are the sectors main hardware issues come from. Stay safe stay healthy. We are happy to help you.

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