Create Gmail Alias with 7 Easy Steps

Hello again everyone, today we will learn how we can create gmail aliases. Before creating an gmail alias we first need to know why to create a gmail alias. Aliases are created mainly to get mails in different email accounts using only one admin or G Suite account. It can save money also as you don’t need to buy new accounts for multiple purposes. You can just create multiple gmail aliases for multiple purposes using one G Suite account.

Before showing you the process, let’s discuss what is an alias.

What is Alias?

An alias is a kind of multiple nicknames, you can use for a single user (here account). Suppose, your name is and your nicknames are for your home, for your school, for your locality.

If I send an email to any of the above nicknames, you will get the mail too. This is how aliases work.

So let’s not waste your time and start with the process.

How to create gmail alias?

To create gmail aliases first you need an G SUITE account or an google admin account. This is a mandatory part for creating gmail alias. Then,

  • Go to or open your Google suite admin panel >>
  • Sign in with your admin account >>
  • Click on the users icon >> select the account for which you want to create gmail aliases >>
  • Expand the user information >> Click on Add an Alias >>
    ** The maximum number for creating gmail alias is 30 for single account**
  • Give your display name for this alias >>
  • Create an email address or give the nickname. Example:
  • Click on the “next step” and Congratulations, you are done.
    You can now see your alias account in the accounts section. You can also make this account a default account.

This is how we can easily create gmail alias with few steps. Thank you for reading. Please share your feedback if this information helps you.

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