First Normal Form of Normalization in DBMS

First Normal form in DBMS

Hello, everyone. Today we will know about the First Normal Form of normalization in DBMS. Previously we discussed the basic concept of normalization, we saw and understood how data redundancy can lead to several issues and how normalization can minimize data redundancy. We will learn about the first normal form, which is like the step … Read more

Normalization in DBMS with Easy Tables

Normalization in DBMS

Hello friends, In this article we will try to understand the concept of normalization in DBMS or Database Normalization. We will start with understanding what all problems arise if a table or a database is not normalized, and how normalization in DBMS solves these problems. What is normalization in DBMS? Normalization in DBMS is a … Read more

Difference Between SQL and MySQL : 6 Easy Points

difference between sql and mysql

Hello everyone, our today’s topic is “Difference between SQL and MySQL”. I will also provide a quick explanations of SQL and MySQL. In today’s world where we are surrounded by data handling and maintaining this amount of data is a task. In this article we’re gonna have a quick discussion on difference between SQL and … Read more

What is MySQL-MySQL Workbench-types of Database Management System?

What is MySQL

Hello everyone, today we will discuss what is MySQL, data and databases, Database Management System and types of Database Management System and MySQL Workbench.


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