Difference Between SQL and MySQL : 6 Easy Points

Hello everyone, our today’s topic is “Difference between SQL and MySQL”. I will also provide a quick explanations of SQL and MySQL.

In today’s world where we are surrounded by data handling and maintaining this amount of data is a task. In this article we’re gonna have a quick discussion on difference between SQL and MySQL and see what it offers to us.

Well, before we begin with this session,we’re gonna check out the basics of SQL and after this, we can check out all the types of SQL that are in existence. 

So coming to the quick introduction to SQL.

What is SQL?

SQL is a standard language which is used for accessing and manipulating our standard relational databases throughout the world. So we’ve heard of SQL, you might or might not know what it stands for. Well, SQL stands for Structured Query Language.

So the goal of languages such as SQL is very simple. It basically provides the user with a very powerful yet simple and efficient tool, which can be used to work with and talk with a database where you’re performing operations, such as adding data on to the database, pulling out data, or even modifying and altering some data there. So how SQL fits into the world of databases is something like this. 

So at one point of time, data is actually generated by various sources, when you have to think about it or data coming from social media, it can be structured data, or whatever it is. So all of this data, when it has to be put into a database, it has to be basically processed through the language of SQL. 

So SQL is a very simple language, which is extremely powerful. It stores data in a very structured way, when you have to talk about the DBMS where it works. I mean the database management system, it’s an DBMS, which is a relational database management system, which SQL caters to mostly and this ensures that your data is stored in a structured way and can be accessed very easily and worked on effectively. This again, saves a lot of time, saves a lot of space, and ensures efficiency is at its high.

Coming to a quick introduction to MySQL.

What is MySQL?

MySQL is one of the first open source databases and it is an DBMS system, a relational database management system, which ensures that the data, whatever data anyone is putting into the database , is very structured and very organized.

Now coming to the point,

Difference between SQL and MySQL:


This is the primary difference between SQL and MySQL

  • SQL stands for Structured Query Language, and it is one of the most amazing languages that is basically used to manage a relational database system.
  • MySQL is the relational database system which is basically used alongside SQL to perform operations such as storing data retrieval of data or modification of data in the database.


  • SQL as a language has to be learnt on, it has to be worked on and practiced to ensure that you can make the most efficient use of your queries to work with your database.
  • MySQL is basically a readily available software, which you can download, install and begin working with it without much of a prerequisite.

Types of usage:

The types of using these two create is a strong point of difference between SQL and MySQL.

  • SQL is a very fine language. it is a very well tuned language, which is put together to work with a database. 
  • MySQL is a database software or a platform, which is making use of SQL to query the database.

    if you’re using MySQL, then obviously, learning SQL is a prerequisite. But then if you’re just learning SQL, then you might not have to work with a MySQL database. because there are many other forms of relational database management systems where you can go on to use SQL as well. 


If you want to know the difference between SQL and MySQL, you must know the purpose of using these.

  • SQL is the language that is used to operate on the database.
  • MySQL is the tool which allows SQL to perform operations such as data handling, data storage, data modification, deletion, operations, and much more.

    So the general picture is, SQL is the language and MySQL is the database on which SQL works with.


  • There are various techniques, which SQL uses and there are multiple code segments, code snippets, multiple commands, and pretty much everything else, which is used to talk to various RDBMS systems. MySQL is one of them.
  • MySQL is the RDBMS database which ensures our languages such as SQL can run on top of it. SQL runs on MySQL and is extremely efficient.


This is a basic point of difference between SQL and MySQL as one is a language and other one is a software.

  • SQL is a fixed language so no matter what there are multiple flavors of SQL, of course there is Oracle SQL, there is a Microsoft SQL multiple types of SQL, which is basically like a flavor of it, you can run pretty much all if you learn SQL.  So SQL is a fixed language, if you learn it, then pretty much you can write all the code, all the commands, 99% of the code segments of the syntax remains the same.
  • But then when you are talking about MySQL, the updates are more frequent here. If MySQL requires frequent updates, then yes, MySQL provides that.

These are the main differences between SQL and MySQL.

I hope you guys found a lot of information about difference between SQL and MySQL. Please share your valuable feedback with us and let us grow.

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