Domino’s India Data Breached and Sold on the Dark Web

Domino’s India data breached. Our most valuable data such as our name, address, contact number, debit card or credit card details are now listed for sale on the dark web. According to the seller or the hacker, These data are collected from the 18 crore orders received from Dominos online services.
Earlier, Domino’s India data was stolen in April and that was not only the customer information but also including its internal details. Around 250+ Dominos employee’s details worth 13TB is breached. Though this information is still not confirmed.

The stolen data is now costing around 10 BTC or 4.25 crores or $569k. CTO of Hudson Rock(Cybersecurity firm), Alon gal tweeted this information yesterday(18/04/2021). It is coming to know that the hacked information is including 10 lacs of credit card details. It also consists of 18 crore order details, Dominos internal employee details, customer’s number, delivery addresses, email IDs, UPI details, etc. Mr. Alon has also shared some screenshots in his tweet.
According to the hacker, he is trying to create a search portal that will resolve the queries using the hacked data of customers and employees.

Jubilant Foodworks, a food service company and the franchise of Domino’s Pizza, owns Domino’s India. It has One thousand three hundred and fourteen restaurants in two hundred and eighty-five cities including India. Jubilant Foodworks also operates Domino’s in Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka so it is not clear that the hacked data is consists of the other three country’s data too.

Last month millions of user’s data from MobiKwik was leaked on the dark web. In December, Indigo servers were hacked too. These Cybersecurity issues are going far in India. Not only the Hacks but customer’s data are also being leaked due to misconfiguration or server failures. Thousands of payment details were about to leak due to Railyatri’s (Ticketing Portal) security flaw. Millions of internal files were exposed last week just because of the misconfiguration of the Supply chain automation platform Bizongo.

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