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Google maps are now showing Covid 19 test and vaccine Centre Info with all the details. COVID-19 cases in India are rising daily, and many citizens are still unable to book basic facilities because of the extraordinary pressure on healthcare services. Latest government figures say, the country witnessed 2,73,810 new coronavirus cases and 1,619 deaths in the last 24 hours (April 18). Though many states are imposing partial lockdowns or night carfue to cut its spread. In this scenario still, the slew of misinformation regarding the virus is appearing, and people get panicked and naturally hurrying to get a COVID-19 test to get checked and to be assured about their safety. Unfortunately, it is creating more pressure on several existing labs that are now loaded and unavailable at the receiving end. Citizens across the country can use apps such as Google Maps to find COVID-19 testing or vaccine centers around them. You can get additional information such as phone numbers and operational timings from google apps. 

To check the availability of testing centers around you, open Google Maps and search for “covid test near me. Specific keywords such as “Covid 19 tests” or “Covid Test” can be used to get results in google maps (Web or App). This information can be directly accessed by both IOS and Android users on the map. Users can find all the informations like lab address, opening times, availability, contact details, etc all in one app. If you want to check if the centers offer home testing, you need to check with the center directly via call or some of the centers are offering WhatsApp also to communicate. The COVID-19 test center-search feature was added in June 2020.

Similarly, Google Maps recently added the feature to allow users to find COVID-19 vaccine centers around them. The searching keywords are the same as “COVID 19 vaccination” or “covid vaccination near me” for users. Users will need to check the availability of slots with the hospital directly. Slot booking is going on and the central government has developed a dedicated website and an integrated application called  Aarogya Setu.


Note: Users can also search for COVID-19 vaccine and testing center keywords on Google search (both web and apps) to find information. The Apple Maps for iOS running devices also allows users to find center information; however, the feature is available in select countries excluding India. For google maps, users must use the latest version of google maps to get proper information.


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