HYBRID Topology | Advantages & Disadvantages

What is Hybrid Topology?

Hybrid topology is the combination of two or more different network topologies. This network is a mixture of both peer-to-peer & client-server network. It can be either wired or wireless network. As it is a combination of different topologies, it has the characteristics pf those too.

Techsikhsha HYBRID Topology | Advantages & Disadvantages
Hybrid Topology

Advantages :

  • Here in this network the troubleshooting is far better than any other topologies.
  • This type of network is very easy to expand.
  • This topology can be used in wired and wireless network both.

Disadvantages :

  • The structure of the network is hard to understand.
  • It is very expensive to build up the entire network because of the requirement of the cables & other peripherals.
  • Multi-station Access Unit (MAU) is required.

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