MacBook mail keeps crashing- How to 100% Fix it Permanently

MacBook mail keeps crashing

Are you having Mail issues on your Mac or MacBook? Or then again is your apple mail keeps crashing surprisingly? Are you seeing that mac mail keeps crashing on opening? So why is my mail app crashing on mac? Why does Mac mail keep crashing on MAC? How to fix if MacBook mail keeps crashing? Read the full article to get all of these answers.

The New e-filing Website of Income Tax is to launch on 7th June 2021

new e-filing website of income tax

The new e-filing website of income tax is more easy and secure. The e-filing website of income tax depends on the HTTPS convention and not HTTP. The new income tax e filing website India is booked to go live on June 7, 2021. What is an e-filing portal? The e-filing website of income tax is … Read more

Types of Cryptography | Definition of ALL Types of Cryptography, Cryptology & Cryptanalysis

types of cryptography

In this article, we are going to discuss all the types of cryptography and their definitions.Cryptography is basically significant in light of the fact that it permits you to safely ensure the information that you don’t need any other person to approach. It is utilized to ensure corporate insider facts, secure characterized data, and secure … Read more

Security Vulnerabilities through Wi-fi Since the Very First Day

Security Vulnerabilities

The security scientist who found the Krack Wi-Fi Security Vulnerabilities has found a large number of different imperfections with the remote convention the vast majority of us use to control our online lives (by means of Gizmodo). The Security Vulnerabilities identifies with how Wi-Fi handles huge lumps of information, with some being identified with the … Read more

Google Chrome Latest Version 90- 5 latest Features

chrome latest version

google chrome’s latest version is now released just after the 89 updates. It is a major update and has come with some latest features and more secure now. Recently, we got the latest new version update for Google Chrome which is google chrome latest version. They release a new major update every six weeks or … Read more

9 Amazing Chrome Extensions You Should Use in 2021

9 amazing chrome extensions

With the new chrome 89 update, it seems like this is the best time we use Chrome extension. We never wrote an article on Chrome extension. So on that note, here are some fresh new Chrome extensions.  No, we will not be covering popular chrome extensions like Grammarly, ublock, origin doc read, etc. Lets talk … Read more

5 Latest Battery Technologies that will Change the Future

Latest battery technologies

Today we will discuss the top 5 latest battery technologies that will change the future. In today’s world, we are surrounded by technical gadgets and batteries and these are constantly evolving. Scientists are always searching for new battery technologies to reduce the use of coal mining and cost also. The average person comes into contact … Read more

Reduce Screen Time for Kids- 4 Best Parental Control Tips

Screen time for kids

So we’re talking about screen time for kids and our idea is to empower you such that no matter what comes from the environment, you can handle it and you can make your child, or you can reduce the screen time for kids. What could you as a parent do with children such that you … Read more

Top 5 Best Free VPN for PC You Must Try in 2021

Techsikhsha Top 5 Best Free VPN for PC You Must Try in 2021

In this article we are suggesting the top 5 best free VPN for PC. I know we all prefer using a VPN to hide our internet activity from our ISP, sometimes to access that blocked website, or just to ensure that we are protecting our privacy online. Now as a token rule, I never generally … Read more


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