MESH Topology | Advantages & Disadvantages

What is Mesh Topology?

Mesh Topology is network topology where all nodes are inter connected with each other. In this topology, if any connection goes down transmission of data will not be stopped. This topology is mostly used in wireless network.

Mesh topology are two types-

Advantages :

  • Adding or removing nodes in this network could be done easily without interrupting the other nodes & the network.
  • Here the transmission of data is very easy because it transfers data from different nodes simultaneously.
  • In this configuration transfer of data does not get affected by any peripherals because if one node fails there is always an alternative one.

Disadvantages :

  • It is very hard to configure the network & also very difficult to maintain.
  • This is comparatively expensive when compared with other topologies like ring or star topology.
  • Redundancy is high so cost is also high.

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