Microsoft Cloud PC Service Launch in June or July 2021

Microsoft Cloud PC service has launched a report of launching Microsoft cloud pc in June or July 2021. Microsoft has been working on this cloud pc service project which is called “Project Deschutes”.  This Microsoft cloud Pc can offer a virtualized experience of windows at a per-person cost. This Microsoft cloud pc service project is powered by Microsoft’s cloud computing service Azure. Accessing a Remote windows desktop on the user’s device will be allowed for the users. According to another report, the Microsoft Store app can also be revamped for Windows 10 with some visual and developer-related changes.

Microsoft Cloud service is going to launch Microsoft cloud PC within this July 2021. Microsoft’s annual Inspire partner conference is scheduled for July 14 and we can expect the launching announcement of Microsoft cloud pc at that conference. The purpose of this conference is to allow Microsoft to bring onboard partners to help sell the service and so this will be the perfect time to launch a new service of course.

Microsoft cloud PC is a virtualized windows experience and it is based on Microsoft Azure. It will give a secure and updated windows access to users. Using this Microsoft cloud PC an organization can give its employees a secure and controlled windows experience. Users can use Office applications on their own systems.

Though windows 10x machines cannot run multiple regular applications still windows cloud pc can be run on 10x machines. It is heard that Microsoft cloud pc is going to be sold as a part of Microsoft office 365 subscription at a per-user cost.

Microsoft cloud pc service is going to have 3 levels of subscription- Medium level, heavy level, and advanced level. Organizations may select the subscription package according to their workload requirement.

With the launching of the Microsoft Cloud PC service, the company is planning for revamping the Microsoft store app with some changes of visuals and policies. The Microsoft store UI is going to be changed even with the fluid animations and iconography. After this revamp, the store app will be updated monthly and the downloading experience will be better. The major 3 changes that the store app will get are,

  • Unpackaged Win32 apps will be submitted by developers.
  • Using a Third-party commerce platform for purchasing apps will be allowed.
  • hosting apps and updates on the developer’s own content delivery network is now allowed.

This is also said that first-party apps such as Teams, Office, Edge, and visual studio are brought with the updated Microsoft store.

Please note that Microsoft has not shared any official information regarding the launch of the Microsoft Cloud PC service or a new Store app for Windows 10 yet.

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