Microsoft Teams Update Will Now Allow Merge Two Active Conference Calls

Microsoft Teams update has been released and brings some new features that allow users to merge two active conference calls. Microsoft Teams update is on its way and the call merging feature has been in the making. This feature is not like a regular thing that you use daily. It is very useful for those who spend a lot of time on back-to-back calls with your in-office teams. This Microsoft Teams update makes the Microsoft teams app more efficient and versatile. The only little problem is that this call merging feature is only for desktop users right now.

So how will it work? The call merging works when you are already on a running call on microsoft teams and getting another private or group call, you can sync the two calls or merge them. This microsoft teams update can let you directly shift a running call to a group call. It can make your in-office discussion more significant and seamless. This new call merging feature will only work on VoIP calls or non-video voice calls including dial-in phone system calls done from desktop only. The sad news is that you can not merge two ongoing video conference calls together.

Techsikhsha Microsoft Teams Update Will Now Allow Merge Two Active Conference Calls

For now, Microsoft teams update will be pushed exclusively to the desktop app of Microsoft Teams, and there is further update for Teams users on Android and iOS devices that when they can get the merge calls feature. Getting the merge call feature on two ongoing conference calls from the phone can be a major convenience for those who are working remotely. In this pandemic situation the usage of Microsoft Teams is more common for static work terminals. it’s justified why desktop platforms have been prioritised first.

In the coming days, it is also expected that Microsoft teams will bring the Lock meetings feature which is already launched in Zoom. So we expect a clash between these two prime rivals also. The lock meeting feature will allow users to lock a meeting once all the intended participants are in so that organization can avoid the disruptions between an ongoing meeting.

Nowadays we all know that schooling for kids and elders is also processed online. Students join the meeting and leave whenever they want. So this lock meeting feature will help teachers and school authorities to make students stick to the class. Also many regions across the world are witnessing a second wave of Covid-19 and this microsoft teams update along with such features will become increasingly important.

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