Microsoft xCloud is on iOS and PC as Invite-Only Beta

Microsoft xcloud is now live on iOS and PC. More than 100 xcloud games are now available on Apple’s Safari browser, Microsoft Edge browser, and Google chrome.

Microsoft’s gaming division Xbox is rolling out a beta version of its cloud gaming service on Windows 10 PCs Web browsers and Apple’s iPhone models and iPad devices from today.

This feature is allowing users to play more than 100 Microsoft xcloud Game Pass titles on Microsoft’s Edge, Google’s Chrome, or Apple’s Safari browsers on their devices. No need of using a video game console, easing access to gaming irrespective of location and device.

This beta version is available only for selected Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members. Ultimate Microsoft xcloud members will be sent an invite, said Catherine Gluckstein, head of Xbox’s cloud gaming service or Microsoft xcloud, in a blog post on Monday.

In September 2020, Microsoft launched its Xbox cloud gaming service or the Microsoft xcloud with a price of $1 (roughly Rs. 70) for new users’ for the first month. It was a major attempt to attract casual gamers. 

In March 2021, Microsoft announced that it is not required to be an Xbox live gold member to play free-to-play multiplayer games. Microsoft xcloud developed its Xbox Insider program release note with the latest Alpha Skip-Ahead update. 

Testing is currently going on the OS update which is released for Xbox insiders. The new OS update came with some bug fixes and became free-to-play multiplayer games without having the Gold membership. Also, gold membership is not required for additional features like party chat and looking for groups.

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