STAR Topology | Advantages and Disadvantages

What is Star Topology?

In STAR Topology configuration all nodes are connected to a central Hub with a separated cables. Here the central note or hub acts like the main server & the other nodes which are connected to the central node, act like client devices.

Advantages :

  • In this type of network it is very easy to add or remove a node to the network system.
  • Here if any fault occurs it is very easy to find out & fix it up.
  • If anyone node faces problem, the rest nodes performs smoothly without effecting the whole network.

Disadvantages :

  • It is more expensive than any other topologies to build up the network.
  • It requires excessive length of cable.
  • The entire network goes down if the central node (HUB) does not work properly & also if the other important nodes are disconnected from the network, example file server nodes stops working.
  • The central hub is expensive which makes the network more expensive.

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