Top 5 Best Free VPN for PC You Must Try in 2021

In this article we are suggesting the top 5 best free VPN for PC. I know we all prefer using a VPN to hide our internet activity from our ISP, sometimes to access that blocked website, or just to ensure that we are protecting our privacy online. Now as a token rule, I never generally recommend free VPNs out there since they usually compromise on your security. But thankfully, there are a handful of those that are still good enough to get my level of recommendation. That’s what this article is all about. So I prepared a small list of best free VPN for PC. I’ll be talking about Top 5 best free VPN apps that you can use on your Windows PC. Let’s get started. I will also tell you how to download VPN for windows 10.

List and Attributes of Best Free VPN for PC :-

Proton VPN :-

This is one of the best paid VPNs out there also offers a lot of features in its free membership plan. Proton VPN is one of the rates of free VPN that gives you unlimited data and bandwidth. It also does not log your browsing activity, and ensures that no government can Snoop into your data.

It uses 256 bit encryption to safeguard your data from hackers, while also offering open VPN key, v2, IPsec and different protocols. The servers in the free plan are limited to us, Japan and the Netherlands. But for the security features you get, I still think that this is one of the best free VPN to choose from.

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Windscribe :-

Though windscribe does not give you unlimited data but still it appears in the list of best free VPN for PC. Although, I feel that 10 GB of data per month should be enough for most users. So by default, you can get just 2 GB of data, but just register with your email id and you can unlock the full 10 gigabytes of data available. You get access to over 10 locations and the service follows the military great 256 bit encryption, while also providing an automatic kill switch.

What’s more, is that the free version also gives you limited access to the company’s malware blocker Robert that helps protect your PC against different kinds of malware.

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Hotspot Shield :-

Moving on, we have one of the best free VPN for pc windows 10 out there in the form of Hotspot Shield. But it’s not just about locks. The app performs just as well.

Hotspot shields free plan includes 500 MB of data per day. As such, it won’t be ideal for those of you who want to unblock Netflix to watch a show not available in your country. But it still does offer great speeds. This is aided by the catapult Hydra technology, which basically boosts your speeds even if you’re connecting to servers at a longer distance.

One thing to note here is that while the VPN does not log your browsing activity, it does record some data such as your IP address, that however is deleted at the end of each session.

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TunnelBear :-

 I’m sure you must have already heard of it. It does not offer you unlimited data or super great speeds. But what it does offer you is a very stable and reliable experience.

Tunnelbear offers 500 MB of data per month. While you can get an extra GB by just waiting to the company. The free account includes unlimited speeds and access to servers in over 20 countries. So that’s obviously a plus. There’s also support for GhostBear where the app basically tries to hide the fact that you’re using a VPN from ISP.

Just note that this can result in super slow speeds, so only use it when absolutely necessary.

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Hideme :-

Now if you’re just looking for a simple free VPN for windows 10 to use with great speeds and good security, one of the better options out there is Hideme. It offers a lifetime free windows up which you can set up quite easily. And as unlimited bandwidth and speeds with 10 GB of free monthly data.

However, the security here is top notch and they also have a strict no logs policy to ensure full privacy.

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Okay, so before I conclude this article, there’s one more thing that I want to highlight. See, even though the apps on this list are one of the best free VPNs for windows 10 out there, I still won’t recommend you going for free VPNs, usually free VPN, especially the ones that come in the form of browser extensions, or claim to offer unlimited, truly Unlimited, you know, sort of data and maximum speeds generally are just a gateway to installing spyware or bloatware on your system.

And trust me, you do not want that, especially when you’re connected to the internet. So yeah, that’s it for this article. There are lots of best paid VPN out there. And trust me, if you’re using a VPN to ensure your privacy and security on the internet, you should add the least invest in a good VPN.

Don’t forget to share your feedback and comment below and let us know which one of these, you think the best free VPN for PC.


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