WhatsApp Disappearing Messages for 24 Hours on Android, iOS, and Web

Whatsapp disappearing messages are now being tested for a 24 hours option on Android, iOS, and Web/ desktop. Users are already allowed to set a week’s time for disappearing messages on the Whatsapp instant messaging app.

With this Whatsapp disappearing messages option, whatsapp can now compete with other similar apps which are available on the market and giving users multiple options to choose.

WhatsApp was also testing a voice message playback speed feature on the beta channel. Though it is now removed in the beta update.

As per WABetainfo’s report, Whatsapp is testing an option for 24 hours disappearing messages in WhatsApp. Earlier WhatsApp disappearing messages feature was available but users could only apply this feature for 7 days messages. 

Disappearing messages in WhatsApp meaning, a message you sent will disappear automatically after a time period only if you enable the Whatsapp disappearing messages feature. You can turn off this disappearing messages feature also.

How to Enable/disable Whatsapp Disappearing Messages Feature?

Open your WhatsApp >> Go to any chat or group chat >> Click on the top bar >> Then you can find an option “Disappearing Messages” >> Click on it and you can enable or disable this feature from here.

Whatsapp disappearing messages

Please check the screenshot above. It says, “Turning on this setting will make new messages disappear from this chat after 7 days”.

So it’s proved again that disappearing messages on WhatsApp is now available for 7 days. The 24 hours option is yet to come.

As per the report, WhatsApp is not replacing the 7 days option with 24hours option. Users will get a 24 hours option including the 7 days option. The 24 hours option is available in the same section from where users can enable or disable the WhatsApp disappearing messages feature.

Earlier this WhatsApp disappearing messages feature was only available or usable for Admins. Admin control was needed to enable this feature. But now, this feature is available for all participants in a group. After the update on iOS, all participants in a group can use this Disappearing Messages setting by default.

It also can be heard that after this disappearing messages feature WhatsApp can bring a similar but new feature for both Android and iOS users. Users of both android and iOS will be able to disappear photos by using the WhatsApp disappearing photos setting. Thought testing for this is still going on.

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